Trapstep Drums

“Trapstep Drums” features 300+ analog drum samples made with Roland TR 808, TR 909 and Elektron Analog Rytm. You will get all the elements you need to create your own Trap beats – booming 808s, punchy kicks, various claps, snapping snares, crispy hihats and latin percussion.

Although designed for Trap music, these samples are suitable virtually for all dance music genres, from Future Bass, to Dubstep, House, Techno and current Pop music!


Inside you’ll find 60 Key labeled 808s, 50 Kick drums, 50 Claps, 55 Snares, 62 Cymbal samples – open/closed hi hats, rides, crashes and 55 Percussion samples – bongos, congas, shakers, etc

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