SP-1200 From Mars

Samples From Mars released a really big library of the most famous (and possibly best sounding) sampler of all time – the SP1200. They multi-sampled the … Read more

USB Flash Drives

These have to be the coolest USB Flash Drives you can carry around. Use them as drum and sound storage, for your beats or tracked out audio sessions! Even … Read more

Grap Luva’s SP1200 Beats

Grap Luva (formerly of INI) plays some SP1200 Beats and talks about the making of Pete Rock’s “Half Man, Half Amazing.”

Part 2… Grap Luva plays some unreleased SP1200 beats and talks about the making of some songs from his discography, how he got into music, his father, his brother Pete Rock, and more.

SP1200 vs MBase1

Goldbaby sampled The Mbase Analog Bass Drum machine sampled through the SP-1200 = 25 x 24 bit wav drum samples (2 MB download). DOWNLOAD SP1200 vs … Read more