Vinyl Breaks Volume 1

Volume 1 of our sampled vinyl breaks, sounding more alive and deeper than any drum machine can do.

Crate Diggin Vol. 1 & 2

Two great collections of samples for boom bap style hip hop productions. If you own Battery, then everything is set up for you in the … Read more

Roland JV 2080 Samples

Bored of your mundane analog bleeps ??? Looking for some fresh inspiration????? Check out the Legowelt Elektrovolt Roland JV2080 sample kit! The Roland JV2080 is … Read more

Sample Stitch

A look behind the scene how some producer chop their samples. See how Kanye West flipped Otis, how 9th Wonder chopped Impressknowsoul and how J Dilla laid … Read more

Swish and Chips

World renowned super producer legend Jake One and his budding young musical collaborator Swish team up to bring you the sounds of the cosmos to … Read more