The wonderful analog TR606 given the Tape treatment. 128 x 24 bit wavs (with 2 Maschine kits) 12 MB download. DOWNLOAD Goldbaby Tape606

Stank Pank

Here’s a cool (Modern) Funk sample pack by Beat Drop for the Ableton Push. It’s made for jamming with drums, bass, leads and pads. The sounds were sampled from the Oberheim DX, … Read more

Acid From Mars Drums

16 Raw drum machine samples from the Acid From Mars release. These drums were created with an SP-1200, MPC-4000, SSL compressor, hardware saturator and tape … Read more

Roland JV 2080 Samples

Bored of your mundane analog bleeps ??? Looking for some fresh inspiration????? Check out the Legowelt Elektrovolt Roland JV2080 sample kit! The Roland JV2080 is … Read more

Raw & Uncut (Beat Sessions)

Check out this live beat sessions by German beat maker Robot Orchestra. He shows off his talent on the Roland SP-555 and SP-404. Can’t wait for part 5! How … Read more

Pure 808

Loving this free Kontakt instrument. It’s an essential 808 kick drum programmer. No fluff, just the kick drums processed using an high grade mastering chain … Read more

USB Flash Drives

These have to be the coolest USB Flash Drives you can carry around. Use them as drum and sound storage, for your beats or tracked out audio sessions! Even … Read more

Cassette 606

The Cassette 606 pack is what it says on the label – the iconic Roland TR-606 analogue drum machine was recorded and resampled from a … Read more