Cru Jones Kit

Leunatic put together another really cool sample pack for y’all. Hit the download below and you’ll get: Beethoven Stabs (7), Cartoon Theme Chops (30), 808s (29), Music Loops (25), Original … Read more

LeuNatic Breaks

Some really fresh breaks packaged up by sample digger Leunatic! What producer doesn’t love some crispy breaks? This package includes over 80 of them! DOWNLOAD … Read more

Ethnic Chops

Leunatic put together Samples from 3rd world country music – these treats are hard to find jewels from various areas such as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Laos, Iran … Read more

LeuNatic – Afghanistan

Here’s a dope sample pack by Leunatic In 2010 I spent my entire year in Logar Province Afghanistan. Such a beautiful country, unique culture. I … Read more