Alex Hilton A1TriggerGate

Gates have long been used as creative effects, particularly for controlling one signal using the amplitude of another. Alex Hilton’s A1TriggerGate is a humdinger of … Read more

Softube Saturation Knob

If you need to impart a bit of warmth to your tracks, you should immediately avail yourself of Softube’s wicked Saturation Knob. Ridiculously simple, this … Read more

Matt Tytel Helm

Matt Tytel’s Helm is a seriously deep synthesizer – almost as complex as a modular, thanks to its comprehensive modulation routing scheme. You can create … Read more

Orion Sound Module

Orion Sound Module contains almost 100 instruments, all built using public domain samples. As such, the quality varies between patches, but there are some fine … Read more

Plogue Alter/Ego

Plogue’s free Alter/Ego is an excellent voice synthesizer, similar to Chipspeech. It attempts to create a more modern vocal sound. Get it here!

Izotope Vinyl

Here’s an essential tool for getting a bit closer to that old vinyl sound. All you have to do is to create an Account at … Read more