Free VST

A curated collection of free VST instruments and effects by talented people. A lot of independent developer are featured here, but also the odd plugin from the big companies that rule the VST space. All legal links, if a link doesn’t work anymore, it’s most likely that the developer doesn’t offer the plugin for free anymore. Google is your best friend in this situation.

Tokyo Dawn Records TDR Nova

If it’s functionality you’re after, Tokyo Dawn Records’ TDR Nova has it in spades. Nova does double duty, acting as…

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Alex Hilton A1TriggerGate

Gates have long been used as creative effects, particularly for controlling one signal using the amplitude of another. Alex Hilton’s…

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Softube Saturation Knob

If you need to impart a bit of warmth to your tracks, you should immediately avail yourself of Softube’s wicked…

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Matt Tytel Helm

Matt Tytel’s Helm is a seriously deep synthesizer – almost as complex as a modular, thanks to its comprehensive modulation…

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Ample Sound Ample Guitar M II Lite

Ample Sound’s Ample Guitar M II Lite can be used to create astonishingly realistic guitar passages in virtually any style.…

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Orion Sound Module

Orion Sound Module contains almost 100 instruments, all built using public domain samples. As such, the quality varies between patches,…

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Plogue Alter/Ego

Plogue’s free Alter/Ego is an excellent voice synthesizer, similar to Chipspeech. It attempts to create a more modern vocal sound.…

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MeldaProduction MChannelMatrix

MChannelMatrix is a simple but powerful utility, which lets you mix and reroute the channels from main input and side-chain.…

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Izotope Vinyl

Here’s an essential tool for getting a bit closer to that old vinyl sound. All you have to do is…

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