Free VST

A curated collection of free VST instruments and effects by talented people. A lot of independent developer are featured here, but also the odd plugin from the big companies that rule the VST space. All legal links, if a link doesn’t work anymore, it’s most likely that the developer doesn’t offer the plugin for free anymore. Google is your best friend in this situation.

Etherealwinds Harp II

Etherealwinds’ sequel to the now-classic Etherealwinds Harp freeware library. Recorded completely from the ground up in an eight-hour session, they’ve…

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SPLASH Synth VST (Free)

The swedish software-developers of Infected Sounds have released a new freeware synth called Splash. This synth has got four oscillators,…

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Matthieu Brucher ATKColoredCompressor

Sequels to his previous offerings, these dynamics devices bring you classic compression and expansion with all the function and facility…

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Togu Audio Line TAL Reverb-4

A decent reverb processor is a must have in any studio, which is why every DAW worth its salt has…

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Defacer Distortion Plugin (Free)

You can never have too many quality distortion plugins, so we’re more than happy to follow up FuzzPlus3 with the…

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Audio Damage FuzzPlus3

Feeling dirty? If so, you’re going to love FuzzPlus3 from Audio Damage. This delivers filtered filth of the first order.…

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u-he Protoverb

Undoubtedly one of the strangest, most creative plugins on our list, u-he’s Protoverb is, as you’d expect, a reverb plugin.…

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HOFA 4U+ BlindTest

HOFA 4U+ BlindTest provides a means by which various plugins or signal paths may be compared unhindered by bias based…

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Dotec Audio DeePanpot

A simple, single-slider affair that allows for true panning of a stereo signal, as opposed to simply adjusting the balance…

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