Cheetah MD16

Cheetah MD16: British drum machine from the early 90s sampled by Goldbaby. Plenty of grit! 102 x 24 bit wav drum samples (4.2 MB download) … Read more


The DMX-606: Goldbaby took a legendary TR-606 and sampled it using a Prommer. But that’s not it, he then burned some EPROMs and installed them … Read more

SP1200 vs MBase1

Goldbaby sampled The Mbase Analog Bass Drum machine sampled through the SP-1200 = 25 x 24 bit wav drum samples (2 MB download). DOWNLOAD SP1200 vs … Read more

The Fat H3500

Goldbaby played the famous Eventide effect unit like an instrument and recorded through a UBK Fatso! 24 bit multi sampled instruments… For Kontakt and EXS24 (49 MB download). … Read more

The Cassette 808

The Cassette808: How’s this for retro and old school. Goldbaby created these samples by recording the TR808 drums onto cassette! 21 x 24 bit wavs … Read more